Tweed Queen Jewellery - Tweedtastic Shopping

We are super excited about this gorgeous range which has taken several months to perfect, but I think you'll agree it's worth it!

Tweed Queen wears a red single bloom pair everyday and every day receives compliments galore. We can give no greater endorsement than that our beautiful 17 year old Tweed Princess and her equally gorgeous girlfriends all have pairs.

They can be made to order to in whatever colour combination you like. Please contact us to discuss your vision.

Size-wise, the single blossoms are approximately 2.5 cm in diameter, whilst drops  have a 1.5cm flower at the top, and obviously, a larger double or even triple bloom below.

They are super light, easy to wear and you can even wash them, swim in them, sleep in them and they still come up smelling of roses.

Stud fittings are hypo-allergenic.

All of our jewellery range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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