Past creations

A gallery of just a few Tweed Queen Designer Delights for the Discerning, created over the years.

Some are commissions, or particular favourites.

I love it when some of our lovely customers come back to see me with their well-loved handbag which has given them many years of loyal service.  Some of these bags are around 15 years old and still going strong!!

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  • IMG_20150210_083815

First Creations

This is my very first ever attempt at knitting, double knitting wool, pink obviously, old size 12 needles, so fairly fine and not a bad start, though I say it myself!

I needed to learn as my beloved grandad wanted a pair of fingerless gloves with long ribs to keep his hands warm. These are now over 40 years old and my daughter still wears them every winter.

How's that for sustainability?!

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